In 1956 there were several military men from Clark Air Base who asked a missionary they knew, Rev. Fred Null, to have some Bible Studies with them. Thus, Rev. Null and Rev. Richard Schott, both missionaries in Manila, took turns coming to Angeles City to hold Bible Studies with these men.

Then in 1957, one of the military men named, Charles Sumners, approached Bro. Null to start a regular work in Pampanga. It was then that this Baptist Church was established by Rev. Null from the Mandaluyong Bible Baptist Church in Manila. It was named the Balibago Baptist Church.

In 1958 the church relocated to its present location in Mountain View Subdivision. On April 05, 1959, the foundation stone for the construction of a church building was laid.

Because of the difficulty of Rev. Null being busy with the work in Manila, he approached Rev. & Mrs. Howard Quinlan, in 1960, about taking the leadership in the church in Angeles City. Prayers were made and God led and the Quinlans, with their four boys, (Howard Richard, Allen, John & Larry), moved to Angeles City on March 07, 1961. Thus began a most defining moment of the Balibago Baptist Church. The regular Sunday School attendance averaged 45-60 and about 20 in the evening service. The church initiated a building program and the unfinished Sunday School building was completed.

In 1962 it was decided to change the name of the church to Mountain View Bible Baptist Church. This name was chosen because of the Subdivision and also because of the wonderful view of Mount Arayat.

The first mission was established by the church in 1963 in the Bario of Sapang Bato. From this beginning of starting churches, the Mountain View Bible Baptist Church has been involved in helping to start 45 missions and churches, and some of these have also started missions and churches.

The church began using the Faith Promise Mission Offering as they held their first Mission Conference in 1964. This has been a yearly occurrence since this date and what a blessing it has been to the church. In the 2007-2008 mission year, the church was able to give over 2.3 million pesos to go toward local and foreign missions.

The Mountain View Baptists Bible Institute was established in 1965, with 6 students. The motto of the Institute, from the beginning, has been “Enter to Learn, God Forth to Serve.” It’s aim has always been and still remains to equip and train students in personal soul-winning and establishing local New Testament Churches. In 1973 the name was changed to Mountain View Baptist Bible Seminary. From 1968, which was the first graduation:

There have been 291 graduates from the Seminary

74 of these graduates have become pastors

68 have become pastor’s wives

46 are Staff Church workers

One is a missionary to Afghanistan. There have been 108 churches started by graduates of the Seminary.

In 1977 the Lord led the church to begin the ministry of Christian Education by starting the Mountain View Baptist Bible Academy, using the Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E.) Curriculum. From then until 2007, there have been 54 High School graduates and 154 Kindergarten graduates. This has been a tremendous blessing to the church, the people, and the ministry. The Academy has been an effective instrument in instilling Biblical principles into the students’ hearts. There are six staff members who graduated from Academy, attended the Seminary, and some other schools, and are now faithful staff members.

1979 was the year that Rev. & Mrs. John Quinlan, and Michael, came to the Philippines and began working in the Seminary. (He is the third son of Rev. & Mrs. Howard Quinlan.) He was the interim pastor for the church several times while his father was on different furloughs. He and his wife began helping also in the Academy, in many different areas. Even though they went out and started other churches, they have always helped in the Academy and Seminary. Their 3 children all attended the Academy while in the Philippines.

The Lord was working in the hearts of many different people about missions. In 1986, Rev. & Mrs. Richard Crotts, missionaries to Papua, New Guinea, visited the Mountain View Bible Baptist Church and were taken for support. The Crotts then became the 1st of the churches ‘foreign missionary family.” That was only a beginning. As of 2007, the church supports 25 missionaries in its ‘foreign missionary family’, representing 15 fields.

In 1990, after much prayer, Rev. & Mrs. Howard Quinlan resigned the pastorate of the Mountain View Bible Baptist Church and the church then called Rev. & Mrs. John Quinlan to be the new pastor.

The next year of 1991, a great devastation took place as Mount Pinatubo erupted. It was quite an effective event for all in so many ways, but for the church in the fact that the roof of the building collapsed and several families, from the church, moved away. But the Lord was working in hearts and the day after the eruption, at the Sunday services, there were 78 people in attendance. Everyone worked together to put things back in order and God blessed and is still blessing.

In 2001 the Lord placed a burden on the men of the church to enlarge the auditorium. Thus a program was launched to build a bigger building on the present location. It was decided that a loan would not be gotten, but the people of the church would trust God to supply the money for the building. The building is still in progress, but when it is finished it will be all paid for by the people of the church, who have learned to trust God, as they have seen Him meet the needs. When completed, the auditorium, which will be on the second floor, will seat 800 to 1000 people. Yes, the people have a vision as to what God can do!

The Mountain View Bible Baptist Church is continuing to preach the Gospel and see souls saved and baptized. Plans for reaching more souls and starting new churches are always apart of what the ministry here is all about. God has richly blessed over the years, and we know He will continue, as the people are faithful to Him.